IMCRC helped catalyse the transformation of Australian manufacturing through collaborative investment, research impact and innovation


IMCRC was committed to helping Australian companies increase their relevance through collaborative, market-driven research in manufacturing business models, products, processes and services. Take a look at some of IMCRC-funded projects here.

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  • Additive manufacturing
  • Advanced materials
  • Augmented and virtual reality
  • Automation and robotics
  • Sensors and data analytics

Advanced engineered surfaces for hydrometallurgy ball valves

Controlling and maintaining safety in hydrometallurgy production of critical minerals

Industrial Internet-of-Things (IIoT) solution for real-time assessment of product quality

Digitalisation of manufacturing and quality assurance processes

Advanced fabric development

Novel fabric with unique form and function

Development of smart sensor system for soft soil engineering and construction safety

An alternative to traditional geotechnical monitoring

A new advanced manufacturing technology to manufacture fire rated and acoustic panel systems

Streamlining steel panel manufacturing process

Alloy development for additively manufactured heat exchangers

Improving the performance of heat exchangers

Cold spray deposition of titanium on a complex metal substrate

Developing more corrosion resistant steel fences

Energy Absorbing Traffic Lights

Next level of road safety solutions

Textile Dyeing via Atmospheric Plasma Coating

Reducing the environmental impact of textile dyeing

High Access Localised Operations (HALO)

Making rock scaling safer

Improving manufacturability of Sr-HT coated orthopaedic implants

A new coating manufacturing process

SiC diode manufacturability and characterisation for commercialisation

The switch for energy efficient technologies

Bioreactor to engineer stable gut microbial composition

Artificial super stool to treat gut infections

Virtual and Augmented Reality Maintenance Training for Industrial Machines

Bespoke training experiences

Renaissance Battery Management Systems (BMS) Development

Designing a secure and clean energy future together

Virtual Reality (VR) Low Voltage (LV) Electrical Safety Rescue Simulation for Utilities and Manufacturing Sectors

Next-generation of electrical safety and rescue training

Delivery of high-quality laser clad coatings for heavy wear and corrosion protection

Tailor-made coatings for mineral processing equipment

Ultra-sustainable concrete with high SCM content

Pushing the boundaries of low-carbon concrete technology

Novel materials for the next generation of lightning strike protection devices

Responding to changing external environmental factors

Centralised manufacture of Molecularly Targeted Radiation (MTR) Drugs for cancer treatment

Providing better access to life-changing treatments for cancer patients

Innovative manufacturing technologies in Australian shipbuilding

Research collaboration to develop and test Industry 4.0 technologies

Developing and optimising advanced carbon materials

Modern day applications of advanced carbon materials

Accelerated commercialisation of world’s first and ground-breaking technology to rotate and manage suspended loads

Remote controlled load management system to control and manage suspended loads

Engineering an advanced, high value bioreactor system for research and clinical application

Advancing biomaterials by providing the best research environment

Preventing Heart Attacks with Nanotechnology-enabled Biomarker Sensors

Enabling the early detection of cardiovascular diseases

Automated Monitoring and Analytics for Geotechnical and Structural Performance Using the Internet of GNSS Things

Developing “smart’ civil and building infrastructure capability

Manufacture of the next generation Speedpanel

Next generation product technology that facilitates a flexible and scalable distributed manufacturing model

Atmospheric Plasma Coating System

Advancing textile coating and treatment systems

Automated part repair using 3D scanning and supersonic 3D deposition

Simple, fast and customised part repair capability

Novel virtual manufacturing system

Developing a Virtual Manufacturing System for faster and more flexible manufacturing

Innovative vaccine delivery technology

Validation of intended product design through end-user testing and assessment of supply chain logistics

Additively Manufactured Titanium Complex Structures

Validation of Titomic Kinetic Fusion (TKF) additive manufacturing technology

Xenograft using Kangaroo Tendon as a Substitute for Ligament Reconstruction

Breakthrough in the global orthopaedic medical device industry – developed and manufactured in Australia

Antimicrobial Nanosurface for Orthopaedic Implants

Creating the next generation of “smart implants”

Application of Additive Metal Technology to Operational Aircraft

Additive manufacturing to address metal damage in operational aircraft

Industrialisation of Composite Wheel Technology

Advancing manufacturing technologies and capacity to increase the scale and output of Carbon Revolution’s commercial operations

Revolutionising Mineral Separation using Additive Manufacturing

3D printing to create precision-engineered mining equipment

A novel approach to biofilm disruption and removal

Combination therapy to tackle bacterial biofilms


Pairing 3D printing technologies and robotics to develop turnkey plastic repair and refurbishment system

Just in time patient specific tumor implants

Combining 3D printing, robotic surgery and advanced manufacturing to create just in time tailored implants for patients with bone cancer

Smart electric compressor for refrigeration and air conditioning on electric vehicles

Compact mobile air-conditioning and refrigeration technology for future electric vehicles and equipment

High Performance Normally OFF GaN High Electron Mobility Transistors (HEMT)

Alternative transistors for faster and more efficient power electronics

Design robotics for mass customisation manufacturing

Robotic vision systems and smart software user-interfaces to streamline the process between design and custom manufacturing

CADwalk – XR – Industry 4.0

Visual decision-making for unbuilt environments (Lifesize digital twinning)

Machine vision for Industry 4.0 high-speed 3D printing

Faster, cheaper and more viable 3D metal printing for large-scale manufacturing