CADwalk – XR – Industry 4.0


Industry partner

CADwalk Global Pty Ltd


Research organisation

University of South Australia


Manufacturing investment

($1,060,629 IMCRC)
for 2017–2022

Visual decision-making for unbuilt environments (Lifesize digital twinning)


Approaching the design of a new manufacturing facility the traditional way often entails numerous design iterations, change requests and countless meetings. CADwalk has set out to create realistic, yet affordable design interfaces that accelerate the process.

Proposed Solution

CADwalk is collaborating with the University of South Australia to investigate, develop and productise a set of novel industry specific design tools that enable clients to experience and modify high-value spaces such as factories, distribution centres, submarines, hospitals in a life-size scale.

Using Spatial Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality simultaneously, CADwalk enables clients to walk through their 2D and 3D Computer Aided Drawings (CAD), empowering them to validate and optimise spatial design, ergonomics and workflows, limiting the risk of costly mistakes. As modifications to the design can be made instantly, CADwalk helps to deliver a close to build design 80% faster and at 50% of the cost.

Already seeing benefits in the manufacturing sector, the project will focus on assessing and commercialising new industry specific products and services, providing opportunities for university graduates.