R2R printing for cost-effective manufacturing of a smart patch for health monitoring

stretchable electronics

Industry partner

Romar Engineering


Research organisation

RMIT University


Manufacturing investment

($929,023 IMCRC)
for 2020–2022

Wearable health technology


The lack of timely, continuous and actionable biochemical data is a major challenge for clinicians and patients alike. For example, in chronic diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, continuous monitoring of glucose and other key biomarkers is required to help people manage their condition and make better lifestyle choices. Likewise, continuous data is required to dose antibiotics such as vancomycin accurately and safely. There is no way of collecting this data today. Nutromics aims to change that and reduce the associated risk factors and create a new model for preventable healthcare.

Proposed Solution

Nutromics is partnering with RMIT University and Romar Engineering to commercialise a unique platform technology for continuous molecular monitoring using a wearable, patch-based device and a proprietary biosensor.

Over the next two years, scientists and engineers will integrate these technologies and define pilot manufacturing processes using a mixture of advanced manufacturing techniques. The research outcome will be a method to produce the wearable sensors at high speeds and at scale, using automated systems with minimal human involvement. The research outcome will contribute to the commercialisation of a wearable device capable of continuously monitoring clinically important biomarkers.