Case Studies

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A point of risk saliva test for the COVID-19 virus that uses existing hand-held devices

BAE Systems Maritime Australia

Accelerating the uptake and diffusion of innovative manufacturing technologies in Australian shipbuilding and supply chain: the human factor

Carbon Revolution

Carbon Revolution has successfully innovated, commercialised and industrialised the supply of lightweight carbon fibre wheels.

Codex Research

Engineering an advanced, high value bioreactor system for research and clinical applications

Hazer Group

Developing and optimising advanced carbon materials

Lava Blue

Value adding Australian minerals: advanced manufacturing of high purity alumina for batteries, sapphire glass and LEDs

Mineral Technologies

Revolutionising mineral separation using additive manufacturing

Rux Energy

Rux Energy, in partnership with the University of Sydney, has developed new metal organic frameworks for the high-performance adsorption of H2.

Stryker Australia

Just in time patient specific tumour implants


Smart electric compressor for refrigeration and air conditioning on electric vehicles

Urban Art Projects (UAP)

Design robotics for mass customisation manufacturing

UTS Rapido

Automated part repair using 3D scanning and supersonic 3D deposition

Whiteley Corporation

A novel approach to biofilm disruption and removal


Kurloo: Monitoring the displacement impact on structures and surfaces

HYDAC Australia

Virtual and augmented reality maintenance training


Industry 4.0 enabled manufacturing cell for building products