Smart electric compressor for refrigeration and air conditioning on electric vehicles


Industry partner

SuperCool Asia Pacific Pty Ltd


Research organisation

Griffith University


Manufacturing investment

($296,325 IMCRC)
for 2017–2020

Compact mobile air-conditioning and refrigeration technology for future electric vehicles and equipment


Current mobile air-conditioning and refrigeration compressors are designed for combustion engine vehicles and belt drive systems, do not meet the technical requirements for electric vehicles and equipment.

Proposed Solution

SuperCool, in collaboration with researchers from Griffith University, is developing an intelligent semi-hermetically sealed electric swash plate compressor for use in mobile air-conditioning and refrigeration applications for passenger and commercial vehicles and equipment.

The smart compressor will be Internet of Things (IoT) enabled with onboard diagnostic systems. Data generated from these systems will provide valuable information for quality control, maintenance and development, leading to a shorter product improvement cycle and providing service provision to end-users.

Designed to be compact, robust, and suitable for harsh Australian environments, the technology will offer transformational services to electric air-conditioned and refrigerated vehicle and equipment operators worldwide.