Industrialisation of Composite Wheel Technology


Industry partner

Carbon Revolution


Research organisation

Deakin University


Manufacturing Investment

($2,998,630 IMCRC)
for 2018–2021

Advancing manufacturing technologies and capacity to increase the scale and output of Carbon Revolution’s commercial operations


Carbon Revolution has developed a carbon fibre composite wheel technology that is capable of reducing the mass of a wheel by 40% – 50% relative to a conventional aluminium equivalent. With automotive manufacturers globally interested in the technology, Carbon Revolution aims to develop its manufacturing capacity to a scale and efficiency level that will establish the technology as a replacement for the conventional metallic components.

Proposed Solution

Carbon Revolution is partnering with Deakin University to deliver a series of step changes in the manufacturing efficiency and economics of its unique carbon fibre composite wheel technology. The three-year research project focuses on the development and commercialisation of new and innovative resin and fibre systems, and the optimisation of key enabling technologies including binders, filler material and release agents.

In a dedicated, co-located Innovation Space, researchers from Deakin University and Carbon Revolution’s engineers will collaborate to reduce cycle times, lower cost and develop higher performance products, that will support high volume production.

The project also focuses on process automation and intelligent manufacturing through the development of data-driven statistical analysis techniques. Completion of the project will support mass market access and the progressive disruption of the Aluminium wheel market over the course of the next decade.