Industry partner

Tradiebot Industries Pty Ltd


Research organisation

Swinburne University of Technology


Manufacturing Investment

($359,045 IMCRC)
for 2017–2019

Pairing 3D printing technologies and robotics to develop turnkey plastic repair and refurbishment system


In plastic repairs for automotive collision repair services, the ability to rapidly manufacture an integrated replacement part directly on the damaged component will reduce repair cost, time, waste and environmental impact. Significant research challenges will be addressed in the development of materials compatibility and 3D printing processes, digitisation, and analysis methods as well as mechatronics systems integration

Proposed Solution

The project will use 3D printing technologies in conjunction with novel polymer material solutions to enable a low cost rapid repair service for automotive plastic trim and assembly components.

This will be achieved through integrating additive manufacturing, 3D scanning and robotics for in-situ automotive part repairs. It is expected that when this technology is commercially implemented, it shall enable a same day repair service that eliminates the need for replacement parts when a repair option is feasible.

The technology is intended to be commercialised as a repair platform in which the repairer purchases the technology and subscribes to the service and training. This may also be expanded to provide distributed services for the repair and refurbishment of commercial and consumer end parts.