The application of interactive narrative visualisation and big data to improve high-value manufacturing


Industry partner

ASC Shipbuilding


Research organisation

University of South Australia


Manufacturing investment

for 2020–2022

Adding visual ‘smarts’ to shipbuilding


Standard data applications such as spreadsheets and visualisation tools support an array of analysis routines, but beyond exporting images and providing data snapshots at a certain point in time typically provide little support for in-depth, real-time analysis of multiple, large data sources. ASC Shipbuilding looks to use data in creative ways to explain what happens across its shipyards and complex supply chains to drive timely decisions within the organisation.

Proposed Solution

In collaboration with the University of South Australia, BAE Systems Australia’s shipbuilding business, ASC Shipbuilding will develop narrative visualisation and big data processing to define and shape the manufacturing environment for the Hunter Class Frigate Program.

Using data fusion, machine learning and artificial intelligence data analytics, and visualisation technologies, the project team will design and build a powerful ‘big data dashboard’ that autonomously consolidates and analyses multiple Industry 4.0 data streams from across the shipyard and provides real-time information to support companywide decisions.

Having access to large data resources across ASC Shipbuilding’s internal and external supply chain – tailored and visually enhanced for boardroom discussions – will influence how the shipyard will be planned and managed in the future.