Annual Highlights

Industry-led research is shaping the future of Australian manufacturing

Annual Highlights 2020

IMCRC purposely invested $31 million of Commonwealth and other funding to advance Australian manufacturing.

In 2019-20, IMCRC has expanded its portfolio of industry-led manufacturing projects, catalysing over $200m investment in collaborative research, manufacturing innovation and education across Australia.


Annual Highlights 2019

Helping transform Australian manufacturing, IMCRC has allocated $23 million of Commonwealth funding across 26 projects.

In 2018-19, IMCRC has strengthened its position as a catalyst for the transformation of Australian manufacturing, delivering benefits through collaborative investment, research impact and innovation.

Annual Highlights 2019

Annual Highlights 2018

With $100 million of research investment, distributed across 17 projects, 2017-18 was a great year.

Read about how IMCRC has made significant progress and built solid foundations to support Australian manufacturers increase their global relevance through research-led innovation in manufacturing products, processes and services.

Annual Highlights 2018