Preventing Heart Attacks with Nanotechnology-enabled Biomarker Sensors

ESN Cleer Biomarker

Industry partner

ESN Cleer


Research organisation

RMIT University


Manufacturing investment

($252,709 IMCRC)
for 2019–2020

Enabling the early detection of cardiovascular diseases


Cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks and strokes affect over 400 million people globally. Yet, today there is no early detection technology available that helps predict the onset, for instance, of a heart attack, leaving people with debilitating illnesses or leading to deaths.

Proposed Solution

In collaboration with RMIT University, ESN Cleer is developing a biomarker sensor technology that will help users detect the early warning signs of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and thus allow for timely clinical intervention.

With the sensing technology already being lab-tested, the project will focus on the design and manufacture of a user-friendly, hand-held device that measures CVD biomarkers from saliva. Over the next two years, the researchers will be

  • Developing a manufacturing process to incorporate miniaturised biomarker sensor
  • Optimising the surface treatment and sensor design to maximise sensor storage lifetime
  • Creating ultra-small and battery-free communication modules
  • Producing a user-experience driven modular design to integrate disposable sensor component with reusable electronic section.

The novel device will transform the current CVD screening and prevention process, not only saving lives but also reducing healthcare spending.