A new advanced manufacturing technology to manufacture fire rated and acoustic panel systems


Industry partner

Speedpanel Holding


Research organisation

Deakin University


Manufacturing investment

($99,665 IMCRC)
for 2021 -2022

Streamlining steel panel manufacturing process


Speedpanel manufactures and markets cutting-edge acoustic and wire rated panel systems for the civil and building industry. With plans to bring new, more environmentally friendly and sustainable panel systems to market, the company requires a more robust, repeatable and efficient panel manufacturing process that at the same time addresses quality and corrosion issues.

Proposed Solution

In collaboration with Deakin University, Speedpanel aims to establish one, continuous manufacturing process for high volume production of the outer steel shell component of its panel systems.

The 10-months project will streamline Speedpanel’s current panel manufacturing process using new steel forming and joining solutions to further enhance the company’s production technology.

As part of the project, Speedpanel will also test new manufacturing technologies and solutions for material and process monitoring to enhance process efficiency, enable better quality control and thus reduce waste.