Automated Monitoring and Analytics for Geotechnical and Structural Performance Using the Internet of GNSS Things


Industry partner

Monitum / Mthing


Research organisation

Queensland University of Technology (QUT)


Manufacturing investment

($875,300 IMCRC)
for 2019–2022

Developing “smart” civil and building infrastructure capability


Monitoring the subsidence or deformation of structures – roads, bridges, buildings – is often a compulsory and on-going operation from the start of every construction project. The advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) with its increased sensory recognition and awareness has given Monitum the idea to adapt and streamline this often costly, labour-intensive and time-consuming operation.

Proposed Solution

Monitum is partnering with Queensland University of Technology (QUT) to develop an effective IoT solution to automatically measure civil structures using low-medium-end Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) sensors.

In the first instance the research project focuses on the hardware design and advanced manufacturing process to produce lower power GNSS IoT sensors. Applying “a first to market” approach, research team aims to stay ahead of the IoT innovation cycle, offering the latest functionalities to manage the sensors, integrate and process data, and deliver interactive reports and dashboards.

Also, to overcome the current “gap” between IoT sensor and standalone GNSS technology in the market, a four-level IoT reference framework (sensors, networks, service platform and applications) will be established to simplify the development, deployment, service and upgrade of each GNSS IoT component.

As a result, the new GNSS-IoT system will allow Monitum to introduce a new business model that automates the monitoring of structures which reduces the risk and cost in the construction and maintenance of infrastructure assets.