Developing and optimising advanced carbon materials


Industry partner

Hazer Group Limited (Hazer)


Research organisation

University of Sydney


Manufacturing investment

($1,166,459 IMCRC)
for 2019–2022

Modern day applications of advanced carbon materials


Hazer specialises in producing clean energy fuel. In Hazer’s novel manufacturing process, large amounts of carbon materials are being produced as co-products which have the potential to be converted into advanced carbon materials to suit various markets and applications.

Proposed Solution

Hazer has partnered with the University of Sydney (USYD) to optimise the synthesis, electrochemical purification and functionalisation of advanced carbon materials (ACM). Working with industry specialists, Hazer has identified three ACM product types and applications that have shown promise in preliminary studies:

  • high purity graphite for Li-ion batteries
  • functionalised activated carbon for water purification

Initially, the research team will investigate innovative technologies and design manufacturing processes to optimise the properties and performance of the ACM for the two product types at a small scale at USYD. Once optimised, the materials will be produced at larger scales at Hazer’s existing pilot plant (10 tonnes per annum). This work will then allow scaled application tests to be undertaken in collaboration with specialty industry collaborators.