Renaissance Battery Management Systems (BMS) Development


Industry partner

Energy Renaissance


Research organisation



Manufacturing investment

($563,210 IMCRC)
for 2021-22

Designing a secure and clean energy future together


Energy Renaissance manufactures lithium-ion batteries right here in Australia. They have identified the need for an Australian-made Battery Management System (BMS) that will reduce Australia’s reliance on BMS technologies that are developed overseas. They believe they can design and develop software platforms that will control and manage critical energy systems with greater confidence.

Proposed Solution

In partnership with CSIRO, Energy Renaissance will develop a defence-grade cybersecure Battery Management System (BMS) for its superStorage family of batteries.

The BMS will monitor and report on the battery’s usage, lifespan and faults through a mobile network to Energy Renaissance and their customers. Communicating through an inverter, the system will enable secure real-time data, analytics and remote management to drive down the risk of battery failure and operating costs for grid-scale energy storage users.

The research collaboration will demonstrate the advantage that Australian intellectual property can bring to a highly competitive energy storage market where a superior BMS is critical for the operating efficiency of a battery.