Atmospheric Plasma Coating System


Industry partner

Xefco Pty Ltd


Research organisation

Deakin University


Manufacturing Investment

($825,003 IMCRC)
for 2019-2021

Advancing textile coating and treatment systems


The demand for functional textiles is exponentially increasing, however the efficiency and effectiveness of production methods still lag behind resulting in inefficient systems and excessive use of resources. With new developments and improvements in plasma technology, these challenges may be overcome.

Proposed Solution

Xefco is partnering with Proficiency Contracting and Deakin University to transform the textile manufacturing and processing industries, using plasma enhanced deposition and treatment technologies.

The three-year research project aims to improve conventional coating equipment and develop a commercially viable system to advance current coating and treatment methods for textiles and substrates used in the garment, geotextiles, packaging and medical industry.

New treatment and processing systems using plasma enhanced technologies will address a number of known functional and environmental issues, such as water contamination, pollution and use of harmful chemicals, within the textile manufacturing and processing industries. If successful, this project will lead to improvements in resource consumption, coating applications and alter the way industry approaches treatment of commercial textiles and substrates.