Manufacture of the next generation Speedpanel


Industry partner

Speedpanel Holding Pty Ltd


Research organisation

Swinburne University of Technology


Manufacturing Investment

($400,010 IMCRC)
for 2019-2021

Next generation product technology that facilitates a flexible and scalable distributed manufacturing model


Speedpanel is committed to improve and evolve its production processes, components and systems to increase efficiency and respond to market demands. Speedpanel’s goal is to continue to show leadership in the fire and acoustic wall system category by further reducing the carbon footprint of its products, with the development of the next generation of Speedpanel 2.0.

Proposed Solution

Speedpanel in collaboration with Redox, Independent Cement Limited and Speedfoam is engaging Swinburne University of Technology to research and develop new materials and manufacturing technology to produce a cost-effective and sustainable fire and acoustic rated wall system for the construction industry.

By replacing the cement core of its proven wall systems with another lightweight, environmentally friendly material, Speedpanel hopes to transform the production technology and process, improving processing time, cost competitiveness, agility and green credentials of its products.

Throughout the three-year project, researchers will test the structural, acoustic and fire performance of the new material and apply it to exiting production environments to see if it meets Speedpanel’s requirements.

New business models and distributed manufacturing for the fire and acoustic rated wall systems will be evaluated as a result of simplified logistics, better quality control and higher production capacity from a given manufacturing footprint. Throughout the project PrefabAUS will offer consulting support on current and future application in the modular building industry.