We are a Cooperative Research Centre that helps Australian companies increase their global relevance through research-led innovation in manufacturing products, processes and services

Our vision is for Australian manufacturing to be thriving, relevant and globally integrated. As a not-for-profit, independent cooperative research centre, we help Australian companies increase their relevance through collaborative, market-driven research in manufacturing business models, products, processes, and services.

In collaboration with companies, research organisations, industry associations, and government, we:

  • Co-fund, on a dollar-for-dollar basis, broad, multidisciplinary and industry-led research projects that deliver commercial outcomes
  • Advance the wider cause of manufacturing transformation through industry education and public advocacy.

Manufacturing has entered a fourth industrial revolution. This offers vast opportunities for Australian companies to create new products and services, expand into new supply chains and markets at home and around the world, and attract and develop a new generation of skilled employees.

We aim to encourage and help manufacturers to invest in collaborative research to exploit innovative technologies. We want to see the public perception of ‘brand manufacturing’ of capital-intensive, labour-intensive production facilities, to embracing the fourth industrial transformation, in which companies leverage digital technologies, including Industry 4.0, to deliver intellectual property, value adding, customisation and business models to sell new products and services to a global market.


Our mission

Our mission is to help catalyse the transformation of Australian manufacturing through collaborative investment, research impact and innovation.

Our values

  • Collaboration
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • Advocacy
  • Advancement

Our partners

We believe in research collaboration and manufacturing innovation.

By connecting companies and research organisations, and sharing knowledge and resources, we aim to make Australian manufacturing innovative, effective, resilient and relevant.

Our team

We facilitate and improve collaboration between industry, research institutions, universities and the global community with open, respectful conversations that leverage effective feedback and ‘collective genius’ to find the best pathways to success.



CEO and Managing Director