Manufacturing innovation

Innovation in advanced and digital technologies will transform manufacturing business models, processes and services

What is manufacturing innovation?

Innovation has many definitions. New products, process and business models that deliver commercial value and catalyse growth opportunities.

Manufacturing innovation promise to impact every aspect of the manufacturing businesses, from design, research and development, production, supply chain and logistics management through to sales, marketing and even end of life management. These innovations will create highly intelligent, information-driven factories and distributed business models that can respond rapidly to change and deliver entirely new customised smart products and services.

Industrial transformation


The future of manufacturing is digital. New technologies combined with innovative business models offer manufacturers various opportunities to enhance their value proposition, particularly small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).


Technology and technology utilisation are the key drivers of manufacturing innovation and productivity enhancement, pushing the substantial and rapid transformation of business models and market structures.

By investing in research we provide innovative manufacturers with opportunities to adopt new technologies, processes and up-skill their workforce to enable high-value product development, improve their operations, create new IP and unlock new opportunities. Our research focuses on the following enabling advanced manufacturing technologies:

Industry growth sectors

We support manufacturing research initiatives that address real world challenges faced by industry who operate across one or more of these high-growth sectors: