The Impact of the IMCRC

Industry-led research is key to driving growth of Australian manufacturing


IMCRC manufacturing R&D projects to deliver $4.2 billion in financial benefits and 6,000 jobs by 2030

IMCRC has successfully invested $35 million of Commonwealth and other funding in 71 industry-led research collaborations to help catalyse the transformation of Australian manufacturing. The significant economic, social and environmental benefits of these collaborations have been highlighted in an independent impact report produced by leading economic, policy and strategy advisory firm ACIL Allen.

The report found that IMCRC has generated estimated financial benefits of almost $4.2 billion for industry by 2030, including $3.7 billion in additional revenue.

Further benefits to 2030 include:

  • 6,000+ ongoing full-time equivalent (FTE) jobs
  • 224 collaborations and new partnerships between researchers and businesses, including internationally, and of 22 new businesses or business models
  • planned industry investment of $2 billion in future R&D
  • a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of more than 3,300,000 tonnes CO2