Development of a miniaturised robotic laser device for ultra-precise and pain-free dentistry


Industry partner

Dentroid Technologies


Research organisation

Griffith University


Manufacturing investment

($100,000 IMCRC)
for 2021-22

The next generation of dental treatment


Dentroid Technologies is pioneering dental treatment automation and delivery in Australia. While developing the concept for an intra-oral robotic assistant for dentists, the company found laser to be the best suited technology for providing precise and safe dental care. Yet, there is one key question that still needs to be addressed: how to accurately control a high-power laser beam in a miniaturised, in-mouth setting.

Proposed Solution

In partnership with Griffith University, Dentroid Technologies will develop a high-power laser micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) mirror (or “micromirror”) to control the laser within the in-mouth robotic assistive device.

Griffith researchers will design and prototype the specialised MEMS mirror, utilising advanced micro- and nano machining and additive manufacturing technologies at Queensland’s Micro and Nano-technology Centre (QMNC). They will also evaluate manufacturing processes and develop a production plan that will allow Dentroid Technologies to mass-produce the MEMS mirror. The mirror is the final component required to complete Dentroid’s world’s first, intra-oral robotic device. Developed and manufactured in Australia, the device will offer patients high-accuracy minimally invasive anaesthetic free dental treatment.