Xenograft using Kangaroo Tendon as a Substitute for Ligament Reconstruction


Industry partner

Bone Ligament Tendon (BLT)
Allegra Orthopaedics


Research organisation

University of Sydney


Manufacturing Investment

($1,306,363 IMCRC)
for 2018–2021

World-first use of kangaroo as a xenograft material in ligament reconstruction and repair


Worldwide there is a growing demand for effective, off-the-shelf reconstructive (ligament graft) material, driven by escalating rates of ligament injuries and younger patient demographics.

Proposed Solution

Bone Ligament Tendon (BLT), together with Allegra Orthopaedics and University of Sydney are pioneering a novel solution for the orthopaedic reconstruction of ligament injuries and seek to create a manufacturing and global distribution business.

The project aims to manufacture kangaroo-derived ligament xenografts using novel decellularisation and supercritical sterilisation technique that will not impair mechanical performance and will allow a range of surgical reconstruction applications.

The decellularised, sterile kangaroo tendon, which is up to six times stronger than a human anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), will be fixed to the bone using a 3D-printed screw manufactured from bioresorbable Sr-HT-Gahnite. This will ensure that the patient’s body will eventually be free of any synthetic material. This new xenograft and the Sr-HT-Gahnite screws will be supplied to hospitals in a kit, to provide surgeons with an off-the-shelf option for reconstruction surgery.

This collaboration will produce an innovative xenograft material that will redefine the future of ligament reconstruction. The project will give Australian manufacturing and agriculture a global niche, leveraging Australia’s exclusive access to kangaroos.