Codex Research

Engineering an advanced, high value bioreactor system for research and clinical applications

Research partner
University of Sydney

Total Project Value (AUD)

IMCRC Funding (AUD)

Start date

3.4 years

Cardiovascular disease is a major cause of death, not just in Australia. To effectively treat the disease, new, more versatile vascular graft materials are needed.

With the support of IMCRC funding, Codex Research has partnered with the University of Sydney to develop an advanced perfusion bioreactor technology that mimics biological environments in vitro – in this instance the human vasculature – to facilitate material research of vascular grafts. The project aims to radically change the way bioscience research is conducted going forward.

According to Codex Research CEO Edwin Brackenreg, to succeed in bringing the bioreactor technology to market, Codex required an injection of capital and expert-led research.

Brackenreg believed the business “needed to validate our novel technology with a great deal of expertise. Partnering with IMCRC allowed us to collaborate with the University of Sydney, which has the required expertise in this area. We’ve been able to access experts that we wouldn’t have otherwise be able to engage with our limited resources”.

“Thanks to the expertise of the scientists and academics, we achieved very interesting results from a much simpler device than we originally thought we would have to design and make. For example, we have achieved a proof of concept that goes beyond anything that can be replicated in a petri dish,” Brackenreg said.

“The technology will push the boundaries of human biology and move the needle of diseases that we know how to cure. This means that our minimum viable product is going to be much easier to produce than expected.

As well as facilitating the research-led innovation project, Brackenreg noted that the IMCRC team “has had an enormous impact. They are going above and beyond to assist us in developing the manufacturing strategies we need to embrace Industry 4.0”.


I am proud of the progress we’ve made and the fact we’ve been able to operate as a single team with a single purpose, despite the multiple stakeholders involved.

Edwin Brackenreg
CEO of Codex Research