UTS Rapido

Automated part repair using 3D scanning and supersonic 3D deposition

Research partner

Total Project Value (AUD)

IMCRC Funding (AUD)

Start date

2.5 years

UTS Rapido is an advanced technology development unit within the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

Rapido’s initial engagement with IMCRC was through the research collaboration with SPEE3D who had approached UTS to develop ‘machine vision’ and 3D scanning capability to automate the refining process of its metal 3D printing technology.

It was also the IMCRC’s first industry research project.

Currently, UTS Rapido has an IMCRC project in partnership with Mineral Technologies that will revolutionise the manufacture of precision-engineered mineral separation and mining equipment by using additive manufacturing.

For Hervé Harvard, Founding Director of UTS Rapido, it is the IMCRC’s stalwart determination to get things done and make an impact for the manufacturing sector at large that sets it apart in Australia’s innovation ecosystem.

“We have had two successful projects with the IMCRC to date and, in both cases, we brought the industry participants to them,” he said.

“They have an experienced team that instinctively know the right amount of oversight necessary to facilitate the project effectively and optimise the return on investment for all parties.”

“This unique mix of rigour and reasonableness makes the IMCRC incredibly easy to deal with, not just for our researchers but for our industry partners as well.”

“IMCRC’s only agenda is to drive industry 4.0 manufacturing for the benefit of Australia and it will be a significant loss to Australia’s industry sector and its future competitiveness to see it come to its natural conclusion.”

According to Harvard, the two successful IMCRC project collaborations have been instrumental in enhancing UTS Rapido’s growth trajectory.

“As a direct result of the research projects, we’ve been able to develop strong relationships with our industry project partners, which are ongoing and creating even more opportunities,” he said.

“At a unit level, we now have a tried and tested advanced technology development capability ready to support Australian manufacturers and the IMCRC projects are best practice case studies of our ability to add value.”

“If these two world-class research projects hadn’t happened, UTS Rapido would not be the size it is today,” said Harvard.


We know from the projects we have been engaged with them on that IMCRC is great to work with. Based on our experience we regularly recommend IMCRC to potential industry research participants and even facilitate introductions.

Hervé Harvard
Founding Director, UTS Rapido