Rux Energy

Scaling up high-performance hydrogen storage metal organic framework (MOF) materials manufacture for field trial prototypes of Hydrogen (H2) storage systems in heavy trucking and hydrogen hubs

Research partner
University of Sydney

Total Project Value (AUD)

IMCRC Funding (AUD)

Start date

1.7 years

Currently, the inability to store hydrogen gas (H2) efficiently is a key barrier to its uptake as a zero-carbon fuel. Rux Energy, in partnership with the University of Sydney, has developed new metal organic frameworks for the high-performance adsorption of H2.

According to founder and Chief Executive Officer Dr Jehan Kanga, the Rux Energy project is expected to accelerate the adoption of Green H2 as a low-cost zero carbon energy carrier in heavy and long-distance electric vehicles and solve systemic inefficiencies for H2 refuellers and exporters.

“Ultimately, the goal is to deliver game-changing volumetric efficiency for dispatchable hydrogen tanks, bringing down the end-user cost of green hydrogen”, he said.

“Our objective is to take this material and integrate it into field-ready tank prototypes for trials and testing with SME and large industry partners in 2022.”

The project commenced in 2021 as part of IMCRC’s activate program, which offers manufacturers access to research and development expertise and matched cash funding between $50,000 – $100,000 for shorter-term, high impact research projects.

“IMCRC’s activate program provided us with enough early-stage funding to invest in additional post doctorate resources from the University of Sydney in our first year,” said Dr Kanga.

“Working together, we were able to progress development around materials to improve the gas sorption uptake and discover how to pelletise and manufacture them at scale.”

Dr Kanga said while funding was key, so too was the support received throughout the project.

“I think the real impact was around the focus. The IMCRC team provided a lot of support throughout the application stage and beyond, helping us set milestones that have proven very useful for us and our research partners,” they said.

“IMCRC encouraged us to be ambitious, yet realistic about what we could achieve in 12 months. This meant we didn’t take on too much. They also provided us with mentoring, regular check ins and catch ups, which allowed us to benefit from their experience and avoid reinventing the wheel.”

“We are on an incredible trajectory at Rux Energy. I am proud of what we have achieved to date and excited about what the future holds.”


I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved in a short amount of time with this project. What began as a $100,000 investment has led to more than $4 million being invested over the next three years. I hope this is the kind of story that will inspire others to explore what is possible.

Dr Jehan Kanga
Founder and CEO of Rux Energy