Smart electric compressor for refrigeration and air conditioning on electric vehicles

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Start date

2.5 years

The production of electric vehicles and equipment is advancing globally, but the development of suitable mobile air-conditioning solutions for commercial transport and heavy vehicles has lagged.

To overcome this challenge, SuperCool has used advanced manufacturing techniques to create a smart electric compressor that will meet the technical requirements for future electric vehicles in this sector. In collaboration with Griffith University and IMCRC, SuperCool has developed an intelligent semi-hermetically sealed electric swash plate compressor suitable for the Australian climate and Internet of Things enabled.

Mark Mitchell, Managing Director of SuperCool, believes working alongside IMCRC has deepened his team’s partnership with Griffith University.

“We would never have been able to achieve what we have without the funding from IMCRC and collaboration with the Griffith University mechanical engineering department. Prior to the commencement of the research project, I didn’t realise how vital science would be to achieving a research outcome. Our compressor product is a complex, high-energy device, and it was the science that delivered the solution for our project in the end. We wouldn’t have been able to achieve these outcomes without the university and IMCRC.”

Mr Mitchell also found the project management assistance provided by IMCRC valuable.

“The milestones and meetings set by IMCRC were very helpful. They held us to account, and we needed that diligent discipline to help us work effectively to achieve our goals. Their processes, reporting systems and paperwork are all very straightforward.

As a result of this project, we’ve created five new jobs and moved from a belt to an electric driven product. We’re now an electric vehicle device manufacturer and a firmware company.”

Smart electric compressor for refrigeration and air conditioning on electric vehicles

Compact mobile air-conditioning and refrigeration technology for future electric vehicles and equipment


It is so important to work with people who understand the challenges and opportunities facing the automotive industry. The IMCRC team understood our project and were engaged with it. This really helped us achieve a successful outcome.

Mark Mitchell
Managing Director of SuperCool