Carbon Revolution

Developing revolutionary technology through
a high performing partnership

Carbon Revolution is a global technology company and tier one OEM supplier, which has successfully innovated, commercialised and industrialised the supply of lightweight carbon fibre wheels to the global automotive industry. The company was founded in 2007 with purpose of bringing disruptive efficiency technology to all vehicles.

In 2018, Carbon Revolution started a joint research project with Deakin University facilitated by IMCRC. The intent of the research project was to advance the technology in carbon fibre composite materials and manufacturing across a range of key areas:

  • Research into raw material inputs, such as resin system development and fibre development
  • Composite system elements and advanced process developments
  • Manufacturing process automation and industrialisation
  • Research into the integration of intelligent manufacturing and Industry 4.0.

One of the priorities from day one was to have a close collaboration between Carbon Revolution and Deakin. To do this, the Deakin research team was embedded within the Carbon Revolution development and manufacturing centre in Waurn Ponds. This provided the team with the best of both worlds – access to key personnel and manufacturing facilities at Carbon Revolution as well as access to the world class labs and testing facilities at Deakin.  Overall, this model accelerated the R&D, reduced lead time, and reduced non value add administration between the Industry Partner and Research Organisation.