How lessons learned during the Great Depression made one company coronavirus proof


Source: Whiteley Corporation

Apart from a few black and white photos, there is little evidence of the Whiteley Corporation’s humble beginnings.

The New South Wales cleaning product manufacturer was the first in Australia to receive approval to legally claim its disinfectant kills coronavirus.

The company’s chairman Greg Whiteley says this was possible partly due to lessons the company learnt when it first opened during one of Australia’s biggest crises – the Great Depression.


Identifying new business opportunities

The pandemic has sped up what’s been dubbed the fourth industrial revolution, a time of rapid technological advancement.

According to one manufacturing expert, the businesses that will thrive in this high-tech world are those that focus on value-adding, innovation and collaboration.

David Chuter, the CEO of Australia’s Innovative Manufacturing CRC, urged businesses not to be shy, saying collaboration will be essential for all companies moving forward.

“Many universities have extensive facilities, extensive assets and some very smart people that would be delighted to start a conversation with a company about how robotics or 3D printing could provide a business solution,” Mr Chuter said.

“Now’s the best time that you can go to learn about new technologies and see what business models you can apply to take your business swinging on the other side.

“When you take a step back you could find opportunities in energy, you can find opportunities in the mineral space.”