Titomic, Additive manufacturing

Joint $2.6 million research project to develop Titomic Kinetic Fusion (TKF) standards

Titomic, Additive manufacturing

(From Left) RMIT’s Dr Liz Jazwinska, Titomic Managing Director Jeff Lang, CSIRO’s Keith Mclean and IMCRC’s Jason Coonan

IMCRC supports research collaboration of Titomic, CSIRO and RMIT University to validate and establish Titomic Kinetic FusionTM (TKF) as transformational manufacturing technology.

Worth $2.6 million in manufacturing research effort, the two-year project will focus on enhancing Titomic Kinetic FusionTM  additive manufacturing process – which produces load-bearing structures cold-gas dynamic spraying of titanium or titanium alloy particles onto a scaffold  – as a transformational technology for the highest standards of aerospace and defence industries as outlined by The Metallic Materials Properties Development and Standardization (MMPDS), a widely accepted source for metallic material and recognised by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), United States Department of Defense (DoD), and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

David Chuter, CEO and Managing Director of IMCRC,  said the research project aims to explore opportunities to capitalise on Australia’s Titanium reserves.

“With metal additive manufacturing on the cusp of large-scale industrialisation, this research project explores Titanium and its enhanced performance properties as an alternative for sustainable manufacturing across multiple industry sectors. When proven, this new technology not transforms additive manufacturing processes but provides Australia with the opportunity to capitalise on the global demand for Titanium utilising our significant reserves of Titanium ore.”