The digital path to growth – The state of digital transformation


In an interview with Peter Roberts, Editor @AuManufacturing, David Chuter shared his view on where Australia stands in the race to digital transformation.

@AuManufacturing: How widespread is the adoption of digital technologies in Australian manufacturing?

David Chuter: There are no formal metrics available yet that actually measure the Australian uptake of digital technologies that can both capture value within their businesses and supply chains, and also create value through new business models.

That said, many manufacturers, even before COVID hit, had started exploring how Industry 4.0 technologies could be adopted and integrated into their existing business operations to improve production efficiencies and unlock growth opportunities.

Progressive businesses are now actively looking to further build and advance their manufacturing capabilities by investing in connectivity, automation, and advanced data analytics.

The past 18 months have forced many Australian manufacturing businesses to re-think, adjust and accelerate their digital transformation and Industry 4.0 plans to maintain their operations.

An important consideration is that manufacturing capabilities and Industry 4.0 are enablers across all major industry sectors. We have seen this clearly through IMCRC’s project investment portfolio with projects spanning multiple sectors, including the new National Manufacturing Priority areas.

Each sector has unique challenges and opportunities – the key is to successfully map Industry 4.0 investment and utilisation plans with the needs of the sector.