Sleep Corp shows how the TCF sector can prosper


Sleep Corp® is on – the digital path to growth – currently building “the ultimate industry 4.0 factory that we want it to be”.

Sleep Corp®  are embracing the latest digital technologies to give its operations the speed, quality, flexibility and customisation capabilities to not only prosper, but to expand and export.

Backed by IMCRC, Sleep Corp is working with Swinburne University of Technology to connect and integrate operations from tailoring, cutting, sewing to packaging in one VMS application linked to Sleep Corp’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Data Analysis systems.

“Initially we were going to install new equipment in our existing (Oakleigh South, Melbourne) plant,” explains CEO David Kaplan.

“But we realised that if we were really going to do this properly, we couldn’t just shoehorn it in here and we had to move to a completely new plant.

“Now we have the confidence to be able to re-enter international markets once we move to the new plant we are building.”