Hunter Class Frigate

$2.9m Industry 4.0 research to drive digital manufacturing in Hunter Class

Hunter Class Frigate

BAE Systems Australia, Flinders University and the Innovative Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre (IMCRC) have announced a $2.9 million partnership (out of a $9 million in total value) to develop and pilot cutting-edge manufacturing technologies that will be used to build nine anti-submarine warfare frigates.

IMCRC CEO and managing director David Chuter spoke to Defence Connect and said, “Digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, cognitive automation and advanced analytics are redefining the Australian manufacturing sector and therefore the nature of its work.”

The new $2.9 million cash investment will create seven new research positions at Flinders University – bringing the total number of researchers to 16 – at the digital test and trial collaboration hub at Tonsley Innovation District in Adelaide’s south.

“Australian manufacturers, particularly small and medium enterprises, need to learn how to embrace and contribute to new work environments that blend advanced technologies and digital skills with uniquely human skills,” Chuter added.

Chuter explained to Defence Connect, “The really exciting part of this announcement is the development of high technology jobs here in Australia, which won’t replace existing jobs, it will enhance them.

“A key component of this program is bringing, high-skill, high-wage jobs to Australia and producing world beating technology right here at home that will provide robust partnerships at home and abroad – it is a really exciting example of what happens when Industry, Government and Academia work together,” Chuter added.