Research collaboration brings sustainable, waterless dyeing technology to textiles industry


Source: Xefco Aurora

A new solution for sustainably dyeing and finishing textiles

Advanced materials company Xefco is set to revolutionise the textiles industry with its new waterless dyeing and finishing solution – AusoraTM.

Developed in collaboration with Deakin University and supported by funding from the Innovative Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre (IMCRC), the patented technology eliminates the need for water by applying dyes and functional coatings to textiles using plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition.

Tom Hussey, CEO of Xefco, said in addition to saving water and preventing pollution, AusoraTM delivers an 86% reduction in energy consumption and an 88% reduction in chemical consumption compared with conventional wet processes.

“Dyeing and finishing textiles is the most unsustainable aspect of the fashion industry, accounting for 20% of global water pollution and 3% of global carbon emissions. Our collaboration with IMCRC, Deakin University and Proficiency Contracting has enabled us to address this challenge with a comprehensive solution for sustainably dyeing and finishing textiles.

“After successfully demonstrating the process, we are now scaling up to our roll to roll systems. We are currently setting up a pilot manufacturing facility at Deakin University’s ManuFutures in Geelong, which will enable us to refine the technology and facilitate commercial trials for customers in the new year.”