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Helping regional Queensland businesses to recover and grow post-COVID-19

In collaboration with the ARM Hub, IMCRC is delivering a series of virtual futuremap® workshops – the first step in a journey of digital transformation post-COVID-19 for many businesses

Transforming industry

Collaborate I Innovate
June 2020

3D printing to thrive during COVID-19 and beyond

Manufacturer’s Monthly
24 June 2020

Better for you

Collaborate I Innovate
June 2020

New partnership in lightning protection

Research and development of novel materials for LPI’s lightning protection devices

One-on-one with David Hill

Knowing that his PhD research helps shape the operating theatre of the future, gives David Hill immense satisfaction.

PhD Intern Accelerates 3D Printing Processes

A fresh perspective on how to print complex 3D geometries and shapes

One on one with Colin Thomas

AMT Magazine
14 May 2020