New partnership in improving manufacturability of orthopaedic implants


New coating techniques, Source: Swinburne

IMCRC activate funding to support development of proprietary coating manufacturing process for orthopaedic implants

A new partnership between Allegra Orthopaedics LtdSwinburne’s ARC Training Centre for Surface Engineering for Advanced Materials (SEAM) and RMIT University will explore a novel coating manufacturing process to deposit its proprietary bioceramic material onto orthopaedic implants. The industry-led research project has been awarded $118,338 by the Innovative Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre (IMCRC) and Allegra Orthopaedics Ltd. The project will span over 12 months and is led by Swinburne’s Dr Andrew Ang and Allegra Orthopaedics’ Robert Bell.

The manufacturing outcome for Allegra will be a robust coating process that manufactures a new product line of novel bioceramic coated orthopaedic implants. This unique coating can outperform the current hydroxyapatite-coated implants. It allows Allegra to develop a proprietary implant coating process that does not currently exist in the market. This project will catalyse the industry-university collaboration and establish a solid foundation for manufacturing functional bioceramic coatings for Allegra Orthopaedics.