Local research collaboration cuts the wear and tear on mineral processing equipment

Source: University of South Australia

In a new $2.4 million research partnership between the University of South Australia, LaserBond, and IMCRC, experts are set to develop some of the world’s most resilient minerals processing equipment.

LaserBond, a pioneering Australian surface engineering company and the University of South Australia’s specialist Coatings Research Group at the Future Industries Institute, continue their fruitful collaboration on a new challenge.

Minerals processing machinery, often worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, endures some of the harshest possible conditions – erosion, corrosion and wear and tear induced by repetitive impact.

A key competitive advantage for the industry and for manufacturers would be to increase the longevity of mineral processing equipment through composite coatings (called cladding).

The improved cladding needs to match facility maintenance shutdown schedules. By matching the machinery life to service schedules, unforeseen shutdowns can be avoided or minimised. Shutdowns for repairs and maintenance of the equipment can cost more than $100,000 for every hour of downtime.