Industrial transformation

The future of manufacturing is digital. New technologies combined with innovative business models offer manufacturers various opportunities to enhance their value proposition, particularly small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

The Industrial Transformation Program focuses on digital and data driven manufacturing innovation, leadership development and accelerating the uptake of Industry 4.0 tools and disciplines. In partnership with key industry groups, such as the Ai Group, the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre, CSIRO and several of Australia’s leading technical research organisations as well as input from international organisations such as the Fraunhofer Institutes, we develop a set of diagnostic, education and training tools and materials that SMEs will be able to access to review and address their technology and knowledge gaps.

A key component of the program is setting up a national network of demonstrators such as University living labs and industry exemplars, through which SMEs can experience the practical and tangible benefits of advanced manufacturing technologies, materials and information systems.

The Industrial Transformation Program integrates with our broader research projects, ensuring these deliver transformational impact. This requires that research projects involve companies innovating not only in their technologies but also in their business and digital models.

Research contact

Simon Dawson
Director, Industrial Transformation
P: +61 409 828 523