Op-Ed: Australia’s defence industry will deliver


Gabby Costigan

While much has been made in the media about the capacity of Australia’s defence industry to deliver the next generation of capability identified by government, industry has responded by digging in and preparing to tackle the challenges head on, explains BAE Systems Australia CEO Gabby Costigan.

For the many thousands of Australians who work for companies that deliver products, solutions and expertise to the Australian Defence Force today, there is a recognition that our businesses only exist because we can truly offer a decisive and strategic advantage – a winning edge for our armed forces on the modern battlefield.

The recent announcement by the Prime Minister to invest $270 billion over the next 10 years to upgrade the capability of the Australian Defence Force in order to tackle head on the increasingly complex and changing security environment, is a sensible extension to the 2016 White Paper.

It is a very prudent step for the security of the nation and one that will require the Australian defence industry to draw upon its collective expertise and ingenuity to modernise the Australian Defence Force.

Make no mistake – industry has a critically important role and it will deliver.