Mohammad Arqam

Mohammad Arqam


Having a keen interest in mathematics and science since childhood, Mohammad decided to seek out a research career in mechanical engineering. After exploring different aspects in mechanical engineering during his Master’s degree, Mohammad looked around to do further research in computational and experimental heat transfer, computational fluid dynamics and renewable energy systems. This led him to the collaborative project between SuperCool and Griffith university, where he is now undertaking his PhD.


Industry partner

Super Cool Asia Pacific


Research organisation
Griffith University


Academic Mentor
Peter Woodfield

Project description

This project primarily focusses on the development of a compact, high-performance swash-plate electric compressor for use in heavy electric vehicles. Mohammad’s role in the project is to develop a compact cooling system which takes the thermodynamics of the refrigeration circuit into account to save energy through an independent motor cooling system. This is done through computational fluid dynamics and solid modelling of different air velocities and fin geometries of the cooling system, to get the best possible and most efficient cooling jacket design.


Q: What do you like most about the research and your PhD?

I like solving problems and so far, the project has raised some challenges. For example, while doing computational modelling of the cooling jacket, the fin geometry and airflow needed to be investigated carefully as both determine the temperature of the motor (How much heat has been dissipated to the surrounding environment)…..

Q: How do you feel about an industry-led research project?

An industry-led research project allows you to work with state-of-the-art technology in a company environment, offering you the opportunity to apply the theoretical concepts you learned as under / post-graduate in different ways. Often, you need to think outside the box to find the right solution….