Aditi Aiyer


I have always been interested in human biological sciences. I completed my undergraduate studies majoring in both Neuroscience and Immunology at Sydney University. I decided that I wanted to continue my undergraduate studies by completing an Honours year in Immunology at the RPA. Following this, I decided to find a different focus within the field – so I completed a Masters of Science (Immunology and Infectious diseases), again at Sydney University, to diversify my exposure. This is where I met my PhD supervisors, Ass Prof Jim Manos and Dr Das Ashish Kumar.


Industry partner
Whiteley Corporation


Research organisation
University of Sydney


Academic Mentor
Ass Prof Jim Manos
Dr Das Ashish Kumar

Project description

Patients with cystic fibrosis are more predisposed to having poor lung function as they lack a gene that aids in thinning out the mucus that naturally coats the lung. These patients end up having thick mucus that unfortunately creates a perfect environment for bacteria to grow in and leads to bacterial infections in the form of “biofilms”. So to address these recalcitrant biofilms, we are looking for a novel formulation of a combination of antibiotics and other things such as antioxidants that could assist not only in breaking down the biofilm, but also treat the infection.


What is your background, and what led you to take up a PhD position for this project?

There are three things about me that have remained the same: I’m curious, I’m interested in medical science, and I’ve always wanted to help people. Since high school, I’ve been drawn to science. …


How do you feel about an industry-led research project?

I’m thankful that a PhD isn’t like a conventional 9 – 5 job and that I have the freedom to plan my life and work. Research fulfills my curiosity – if I’m intrigued by a question, I can review scientific literature and / or do an experiment. Even if the experiment fails, I still would have answered a question because even failure is a success in disguise allowing me to move forward. …