Mojtaba (MJ) Izadi


Mojtaba (MJ) Izadi completed a Master’s degree in Professional Engineering at Deakin University. As part of his final project, he developed a prototype for a novel fall arrest system using Additive Manufacturing (AM). The in-depth research for the project led him to pursue a PhD in AM at Deakin University. His research focused on controlling metal direct energy deposition. To test his knowledge and gain industry experience, he joined the Varley Group via the APR.Intern PhD student placement program.


Industry partner
Varley Group


Research organisation
Deakin University


Academic Mentor
Prof. Bernard Rolfe

Project description

Advances in technologies, processes, and organisational structures are shaping today’s manufacturing environment. To stay competitive, forward-thinking organisations such as the Varley Group invest in advanced technologies, processes, and organisation structure.

As part of my APR.Intern project, I investigated new technologies such as virtual reality, additive manufacturing, and digital fabrication to enhance efficiency and effectiveness within the organisation. I also introduced new design techniques such as topology optimisation, generative design and parametric design.

To establish a more collaborative, co-operative and collective manufacturing environment, I reviewed and assessed the suitability of new organisational concepts such as concurrent engineering and collaborative engineering. I also explored how a matrix structure could work efficiently at the Varley Group.