Louis Cianciullo


I completed a Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) at James Cook University (JCU) in 2016 and then promptly enrolled in a PhD studying computer science and mathematics. My PhD research looks at privacy-preserving protocols and the field of cryptography.

A regular day for me as a PhD student involves quite a lot of mathematics and both reading and writing academic papers. Prior to the APR internship, I worked as a casual lecturer at JCU. However, I am happy to say that I am now employed as a software engineer at SPEE3D (where I completed my IMCRC funded APR internship).


Industry partner


Research organisation
James Cook University


Academic Mentor
Dr Mangalam Sankupellay (APR.Intern)
Ass. Professor Hossein Ghodosi (PhD)

Project description

The title of my APR internship was: “Improving The Speed3D Toolpath Generation Algorithm.” The focus of my work was on writing software and algorithms to allow for the printing of a wider range of different part geometries for SPEE3D’s metal printers.

I was successful in achieving this goal and managed to implement several automated features that both improved the user experience of the general software and allowed SPEE3D to print geometries that they were unable to achieve previously.