Unlocking potential in manufacturing

A webinar series that features IMCRC’s PhD students and their research, knowledge and passions for manufacturing

Virtual and augmented reality

Virtual technologies have only recently found their way into manufacturing environments.

In this webinar, Hans Stefan and Kieran May will talk about their experience of developing VR and AR technology applications for use in manufacturing. As part of their PhD and Masters degree, they are helping companies such as Melbourne Water and CADWalk to apply these technologies to train workers, standardise workflows and enable collaboration. They will be joined by Dinh Tung “Tony” Le, who is currently undertaking his PhD at the School of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering at UTS. His research investigates how VR can be used to create intuitive human-robot interactions.

Product innovation

Many businesses work with universities to turn their innovate product ideas into a reality.

In this webinar, Jeet Bhuva and Mohammad Arqam will share their experience of collaborating with industry. As part of their PhD, they are helping local manufacturers FormFlow and SuperCool convert their innovative ideas into commercial products. They will be joined by Martin Do, Mechatronics Engineer at UTS Rapido, who solves industry-specific problems on a regular basis by developing bespoke R&D solutions.

Medtech & pharma

Innovative medtech and pharmaceutical products save and improve lives by detecting diseases earlier and providing more effective treatment options for patients and Australia’s healthcare system.

In this webinar, Aditi Aiyer and Nicholas Lei Feng – two PhD students from the University of Sydney will talk about their research in the medical sector. Working closely with industry, they help develop and translate new ideas into commercial products that solve health challenges. They will be joined by Dr Carina Blaker from the Kolling Institute who will speak about the latest health and medical innovation in Australia.

Advanced materials

Demand for specialised products and technologies is driving manufacturing innovation and the development of new and improved materials.

In this webinar, Thomas Romeijn (UTS) and Fareed Tamadonni Jahromi (Swinburne University) talk about their work with industry and share what has sparked their interest in creating new materials and/or modifying existing ones. They will be joined by Dr Hannah King from the SEAM – ARC Training Centre who will outline the importance of advanced materials for innovation and inventions.

Robotics & automation

Advancements in robotics have been changing the face of manufacturing. Able to operate alongside humans, robots are creating new business opportunities across all industries.

In this webinar, David Hill (RMIT University) and Alaleh Arian (Swinburne University) present their research in the field of robotics. Together with Amelia Luu, Roboticist at the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) Hub, they discuss how robotic automation is improving business operations and where it can take us in the future