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Australian manufacturers are stepping up

Portal for Australian manufacturers and individuals to register their support for COVID-19 response

Army deployed as manufacturers ramp up production

Australian Financial Review
24 March 2020

Clinical trial paves way for “micro patch” vaccine delivery

Vaxxas’ micro-needle patch has potential to deliver enhanced immune response, quicker and at a lower dose

Radiation drugs with longer shelf life bring hope for cancer patients globally

Manufacturing research to increase the shelf-life of radiation drugs

Effective industry and research collaboration: redefining return on investment

David Chuter
Manufacturer’s Monthly
February 2020

$2.9m Industry 4.0 research to drive digital manufacturing in the Hunter Class Frigate Program

Research collaboration to build Industry 4.0 capabilities

Australia pins its hopes on new wave of industrialisation

Jamie Smyth
Financial Times
4 January 2020

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