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Utkarsh Jadli

As a PhD scholar at the Queensland Micro Nanotechnology Centre, Utkarsh Jadli strives to develop the next generation of Gallium Nitride (GaN) transistors for power circuits.

Towards an Industry 4.0 future – leadership for innovation

David Chuter
Manufacturers’ Monthly
November 2019

Tech wave: we’re missing the boat

Roy Green and John Howard
The Australian
6 November 2019

Hazer partners with the Innovative Manufacturing CRC and secures $800,000 funding for Graphite ACM R&D Program

Hazer to progress its research in advanced carbon materials (ACM) applications

Pilot manufacturing plant to produce high-purity alumina for batteries and LEDs

QUT has partnered with Lava Blue and IMCRC to set up a pilot plant to transform kaolin clay into high-purity alumina (HPA)

Industry leaders discuss IIoT implementation

Manufacturers’ Monthly
17 October 2019

Industry 4.0 foresight: Overcoming barriers for Australia’s future industry champions

Imperative for Australian manufacturers to join the Industry 4.0 movement

Mohammad Arqam

A keen interest in mathematics and science led Mohammad Arqam to a career in Mechanical Engineering. As part of his PhD at Griffith University, he is developing an innovative compact cooling system to be used in electric drive compressors.

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