Industry 4.0 R&D Funding

Australia’s manufacturing future belongs to those who invest in advanced technologies and new business models

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Apply now for Industry 4.0 funding and become one of Australia’s most innovative manufacturing companies

IMCRC offers manufacturers access to R&D expertise and matched cash funding for industry-led research projects in advanced manufacturing and digital technologies (Industry 4.0). Partner with an Australian university/research organisations to develop new products, processes and innovative business models.

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Three organisations that couldn’t be any more different – UAP, Tradiebot Industries and Mineral Technologies – invest in manufacturing research.

With the help of Australian universities/research organisations, they explore enabling technologies such as 3D printing, robotics and automation to transform their business. Hear from them how tapping into IMCRC’s network of industry experts, researchers and other manufacturers, has allowed them to learn, obtain better insights and thus create better outcomes.

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The value from collaborating with IMCRC has been the diversity of thought processes that have come through the various teams. Such a diverse group of staff would be difficult to replicate in your own R&D team without an infinite budget.” 


Alex de Andrade, Global Manager Sales, Equipment and Technology, Mineral Technologies