COVIDSafe Plan

At the INNOVATIVE MANUFACTURING CRC (ABN 24 607 527 499) (IMCRC), the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff, contractors and visitors, and their respective families and communities, is our priority. IMCRC has developed this COVIDSafe Plan to communicate the principles and protocols IMCRC is following to facilitate a gradual, controlled and ultimately safe transition back to the office.

The COVIDSafe Plan outlines how IMCRC is:

  • Ensuring physical distancing
  • Utilising face masks where required
  • Practising good hygiene
  • Avoiding interactions in enclosed spaces
  • Keeping records and acting quickly in a situation of suspected or confirmed infection
  • Aligning, where necessary, with COVIDSafe planning of our landlord, RMIT

View IMCRC’s COVIDSafe Plan here.


If you have any questions regarding IMCRC’s COVIDSafe Plan, please contact IMCRC’s CEO and Managing Director, David Chuter (

Released on: 8th February 2021