COVID-19: An opportunity

We help Australian manufacturers uncover their business potential and use these disruptive times as an opportunity to transform


Protecting business values


Prioritising breakthroughs


Driving collaboration

Industry 4.0

Building resilience


Mitigating risks

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has had a huge impact on people’s lives and every aspect of the Australian economy. For many manufacturers, it has accelerated unprecedented change.

At IMCRC, our priority has been to support our industry and research partners and protect our collaborative $200 million investment in research and innovation. Together, we have worked through near-term challenges, discussing the effects that virus-related shutdowns might have on the successful outcomes of the projects, and emerged with individual plans to de-risk and eliminate potential knock-on effects. To date, we have 30+ active research projects in all primary industries across Australia that leverage innovative technologies and new business models to expand the value proposition of our partners’ products and services.

Actions to appreciate

Many manufacturers have rolled up their sleeves to support Australian efforts to treat, contain and mitigate the impact of COVID-19.

Whether it is offering design expertise for ventilators, 3D printing face shields or ramping up production lines to make much-needed hand sanitisers and disinfectants, many of IMCRC’s industry and research partners have stepped forward and taken the initiative to shift operations to combat the crisis. These are their stories.

Whiteley Corporation In the front line of pandemic defence SPEE3D 3D printing a metallic
coating of antimicrobial copper
CADwalk Visualising healthcare facilities Allegra Orthpeadics Protecting front line workers Stryker Local manufacturers unite to make hospital beds

Pathways to explore

COVID-19 will have long-lasting effects on Australian manufacturing. Now is the time to act and ramp up recovery programs to strategically position your business for the post-pandemic world.

By accelerating the adoption of digital technologies and investigating new, collaborative business models, you have the opportunity to build new competencies, transform operations and strengthen your business’ position to emerge from the crisis with a manufacturing setup that is innovative, more productive, and more resilient. As a catalyst for industrial transformation, IMCRC creates pathways and helps manufacturers invest in transformation programs that will make them more successful in the future.

Opportunities to participate in

COVID-19, and particularly the shortage of essential products, has revealed that the revival of local manufacturing is urgently needed. Get involved and help drive the transformation that is needed to create a sustainable manufacturing industry.

Not only to assist in the current fight against COVID-19 but also to help identify the capabilities and infrastructure needed to build a manufacturing sector that is thriving, relevant and globally competitive, explore

Both publications outline future challenges but also identify growth opportunities and what is needed to achieve those to secure Australia’s prosperity.

Local businesses that want to get actively involved and help the Government to respond to COVID-19, can register their interest with the following organisations: