We are looking to talk to the manufacturing industry regarding potential research collaborations

Funding Application

We welcome expressions of interest from manufacturing businesses that wish to research innovative manufacturing technologies and processes.

Prior to applying for IMCRC co-funding support, we invite you to engage with us in a conversation, discussing potential project ideas and requirements alongside IMCRC’s project selection guidelines.

If you decide to participate in an IMCRC research project, a formal application must be submitted by the lead industry partner using the templates below.


IMCRC Innovation Investment Committee

The IMCRC Innovation Investment Committee, appointed by the IMCRC Board, reviews and approves (within Board delegated authority) existing and new projects.

The Committee will:

  • Call for submissions of project plans and proposals
  • Assess project plans and proposals against selection criteria determined by the Board
  • Seek clarification or amendments to project plans and proposals
  • Review and make recommendations to the Board
  • Approve or not approve projects that are within its financial delegation (up to $1m in cash value); and
  • Make recommendations to the Board on those project proposals that are outside its delegation as to whether the project proposals meet selection criteria and warrant initial or continuing funding.

The Committee will meet on a regular basis to assess new project applications and review milestones and progress reports for each project and make recommendations to the Board.

The next Committee meeting is scheduled for mid-March 2020, with this round of project applications closing on Wednesday, 4 March 2020.