R2R printing for cost-effective manufacturing of a smart patch for health monitoring

stretchable electronics

Industry partner

Romar Engineering


Research organisation

RMIT University
Griffith University


Manufacturing investment

$6,91 million
($1.285.720 IMCRC)
for 2020–2022

Wearable health technology


Chronic diseases such as Type 2 diabetes are leading causes of death and disabilities worldwide. By enabling people to make better lifestyle choices with the help of a personalised smart patch that measures biomarkers and tracks how the body responds to food, Nutromics aims to reduce risk factors of chronic diseases and create a new model for preventable healthcare.

Proposed Solution

Nutromics is partnering with Griffith University, RMIT University and Romar Engineering to finalise the technology and develop a cost-effective manufacturing process to produce the wearable smart patch in Australia.

Over the next two years, the researchers will integrate a mix of technologies including microneedles, microfluidics and soft electronics. Using roll-to-roll (R2R) printing the smart patch can be mass produced on a large substrate area at high speeds using automated systems with minimal human involvement.

The research outcome will contribute to a smart patch and a deep learning AI engine to deliver a wearable device designed to elicit positive lifestyle behaviour changes required to improve health and reduce the risk of lifestyle-related chronic diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes.