Tradiebot Industries

Q&A with Mario Dimovski, Founder

Leaders in software development, robotics and automated applications, Tradiebot Industries is working with IMCRC and Swinburne University of Technology (SUT) on an R&D project that uses multiple Industry 4.0 and manufacturing technologies to address the challenge of automating car repairs.

Q. What is the Tradiebot project about?

A. The Tradiebot project is automating the repair process from automotive collisions and seeing how technologies can help to deliver quicker and better repairs for plastic parts on vehicles.

Q. Who are you collaborating with?

A. We are working with some different groups – Swinburne University, IMCRC, and for industry collaboration, we are working with PPG and The Gemini Group.

Q. What key technologies and processes are you using in your project?

A. Some of the key technologies we are using include automation, robotics and 3D scanning and printing. We are fusing them all together to create a repair plastic part system.

Q. What advice would you give to companies that might be thinking about working with IMCRC?

A. The advice I would give to businesses out there would be to simply reach out to IMCRC. You have to explore the possibility to see where it will end up.

Q. What have been the advantages of working with IMCRC?

A. IMCRC has been a very positive catalyst within our project. They helped us identify the right university partner, as well as helping us scope out the impact our product would have on the market both locally and globally.

Everything that Tradiebot is today, which is a world leading industry innovator in the automotive repair space, has come from us reaching out to IMCRC and working with Swinburne.

Q. What would you say to companies who are concerned about collaborating and the cost involved?

Collaboration is the safest option. When I came up with the first initial idea of the repair bot, I wasn’t sure of where to take the idea. When I went down the road with IMCRC, I was protecting my IP, and there was matching funding and access to experts that (technically) know more than anyone else around the world.

Q. What would you say is the value of collaboration?

IMCRC are out there waving the flag for Australian innovation. If it weren’t for IMCRC, small companies would think university collaboration is for companies like Tesla and Toyota. I think Tradiebot has proved that with the support of IMCRC, little companies with big ideas can go and achieve anything.