Just in time implants 


Industry partner

Stryker Australia Pty Ltd


Research organisation

RMIT University
St Vincent’s Hospital
University of Technology Sydney (UTS)


Manufacturing Investment

($2,360,245 IMCRC)
for 2017–2022

Combining 3D printing, robotic surgery and advanced manufacturing to create just in time tailored implants for patients with bone cancer


Manufacturing patient-specific implants is a highly manual and time-consuming process. Today’s custom implants are unable to cope with anatomical changes that present at the day of surgical intervention, rendering them inappropriate for use.

Proposed Solution

Bringing together researchers from RMIT University, the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and St Vincent’s Hospital, the project aims to transform the development and delivery of implants to musculoskeletal tumour patients. This will be achieved through the development of image analysis and implant design tools, leading to a precise robotic resection of the tumour.

By combining the specialized imaging with additive manufacturing techniques allows for the construction of customised implants capable of achieving multi-density/property cross-sections and surfaces. Manufactured just-in-time adjacent to the operating theatre, these implants can then be inserted during the operation. This will maximise the retention of the patients own bone and soft tissue and decreasing the length of the hospital stay. This will impact the way prostheses are manufactured and supplied, shifting the paradigm to a local, bespoke setting within the hospital.